How (NOT) to meet someone you idolize…


  • Presentation:You should look and smell your best. They will take one look at you and instantly decide that you need to be a part of their life.
  • Communication: Think of at least three interesting questions that no other fan has ever asked ever and a few witty quips and jokes for when they inevitably strike up a conversation about how interesting you are.
  • Practice: Make sure to practice the smile and pose you will be using when they ask to take a picture with you. You want to look good, but not steal the show. After all, there are other people waiting to meet them.


  • Presentation: Over dress so when they see you they will know instantly that it is a facade and not real so their opinion of you is even lower than if you showed up in your pajamas.
  • Communication: Repeat the question and jokes you are going to ask over and over in your head so you look like a psychopath. Also don’t decide on a question and say something that is a mix of all three questions so that it makes no sense. They will genuinely wonder what you were saying and now you will have their complete attention. With that attention you are going to walk away nervously repeating one of the jokes, but in the most offensive way possible.
  • Practice: Look at yourself in the mirror so much before leaving the house that you begin to invent things about your face that bother you and will be completely unnoticeable to anyone without microscopes permanently attached to their face. While you wait in line to take the picture that you paid $50 for, mess with your hair to the point where it no longer looks effortlessly done, and now looks like a fuzzy wig that you tried to make look natural. Once the picture comes up you should forget all smiles and poses that you practiced and just make a face that shows how much you can barely contain your excitement while also trying to smile. You strike a pose that looks like you were holding your breath for an hour and have all of the sudden exhaled and you completely forget what to do with your hands.

FYI: My picture was with Jason Momoa.

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