1 Year Update

I am supposed to be composing some interview or essay for class so I figured the best way to complete that assignment is to do something completely different.

Putting all things 2020 aside, my life has transformed in so many ways since this time last year. In a purely concrete way my life hasn’t made many changes. I am at the same job , still living with my parents, and same puppies (thank the gods). The changes I have made are more of the future planning sort and that means progress and forward movement (two absolutely terrifying notions for someone afraid of change).

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

RAPID EGO DEFLATION EXPERIMENT, © Stephane Graff, 2009 | Ego ...

Why is it so satisfying to rain on a parade? Especially if it is an undeserved parade! It is probably one of my favorite things on this planet to watch someone walk around like God’s gift and then immediately watch them deflate as their ego is not stroked. The other day this guy at work walked in claiming to be “on fire” because his clients were all showing signs of progress. I am glad that people are making improvements and even more so when multiple people do so, but this particular co-worker only does half of his work, makes life more difficult for the rest of the office and frankly he gives me the creeps. So the instant he started talking about how “on fire” he was I just went to town.

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