1 Year Update

I am supposed to be composing some interview or essay for class so I figured the best way to complete that assignment is to do something completely different.

Putting all things 2020 aside, my life has transformed in so many ways since this time last year. In a purely concrete way my life hasn’t made many changes. I am at the same job , still living with my parents, and same puppies (thank the gods). The changes I have made are more of the future planning sort and that means progress and forward movement (two absolutely terrifying notions for someone afraid of change).

After a brief stint in therapy I realized I needed to remove toxic humans from my life, and did so rather quicker than I thought possible. Almost as soon as I freed myself from that dead weight a new human stepped into the spotlight. He had been around for a long time and for one reason or another I was not open to that idea until the exact right moment presented itself. As it turns out the right moment was drunken karaoke. It has only been 6 months at this point (and I am sure I will roll my eye a a later date when I read my naivety) but so far so great! I finally found the right balance of being able to be sarcastic and a decent human being. (Probably going to jinx it for posting positive things but that’s a risk I’ll just have to take)

As if I didn’t have enough changes to be getting on with, I also applied and began a Master’s in Teaching program to become a middle grade science teacher. It is my ultimate goal to become Ms Frizzle and I am only a few cute dresses and one well trained iguana away from that goal. I will admit that as a future teacher I am remarkably bad at pacing my assignments and keeping up with readings. I’ll get the work done, but not a moment before it is due. I really have to work on that but with all the assignments I don’t have time to read about changing my habits. Also I am not good at reading at all. Nor am I good at spelling. For a teacher I seem to be lacking a good many skills required for even the most basic middle school setting.

If that all is not enough, 2020 is a year of pandemics, protests, and a presidential election. So from one anxious person who is afraid of change to another, here we go with the second half of 2020! Hopefully I can add progress to that list of things that make 2020 a year to remember.

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