The OKC Experiments: The Good Date (I thought…)

Hypothesis: If I go on a date that in enjoyable and I make a connection with the other person and I get a goodnight kiss aswell, than I will get a second date.

Control: My reactions and conversation on this date.

Independent: Whether or not he will call me back.

Results: On my latest date through OKC I met this person who was funny and personable and actually had some interest to him. We are hitting it off really well to the point where we decide to leave and walk around the neighborhood. Walking around the area, talking and laughing; eventually kissing. It was lovely.

Then what?! NOTHING! No call. No message. NOTHING… What is that about!?

Conclusion: It doesn’t matter how much you think you hit it off with that guy. If you don’t get a response back than you obviously didn’t have the same date experience.

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