The OKC Experiments: The Almost Date

Hypothesis: If a guy calls and texts and is genuinely interested in you than he will not flake out on your first date.

Control: The amount of care I take in my responses and my looks for the date.

                            Translation: I shaved my legs all the way up…

Independent: His responses and the sudden sickness that befell him.

Result: It’s the day of the date and we haven’t spoken for a whole day before. That’s alright since I was busy and so is he probably. Day of the date I amp up the cuteness by asking where he is going to take me. This results in nothing. Not a single text. Now it’s 4pm. I’ve bathed and shaved my legs all the way up. I used the new Lush Brand soap that I just bought, and still nothing. Finally its 5pm and I get the text “I’m Sick.” That’s when I know he just flaked out on me. He weighed his options for the day and decided that seeing me was not a thing he wanted to happen. After all of that pestering and bothering about meeting and finding me on Facebook and getting my number. NOTHING.

Conclusion: I have no idea what motivates men anymore. I thought I knew and I just don’t.

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